10 Worst Drinks for Your Body

10 Worst Drinks for Your Body

Avoiding these diet disasters when you’re thirsty or tired can sometimes be difficult, but after reading this, we guarantee you will pay more attention to what you drink.

Juice drinks

3471922217_621f58b530_bWhen you hear labels like “juice drink” and “juice cocktail” have in mind that they are almost always a euphemism for brightly-colored sugar water. For a truly healthy drink, look for 100-percent juice, like orange juice, cranberry juice, or aloe vera juice. Avoid everything else.

Coffee drinks variations

coffee-431121_1280When blended with 2-percent milk and sugar, some of these drinks can contain up to 800 calories and 1/3 of the maximum recommended intake for artery-clogging saturated fat. They are also packed with sugar, at 170 grams of sugar in a typical drink, you get more of a sugar shock than a caffeine buzz. Add whipped cream to the mix and you can say goodbye to a thin waistline.

Flavored water

Glacéau_vitaminwaterFlavored water can sometimes give you a few extra vitamins, but it also has added sugars. It’s recommended to check the label and if you see anything more than water and natural flavors it is better to skip buying it.

Diet soda

Diet_Coke_ProductsThey may have zero calories but they also have zero nutrition value. If you drink a lot of diet soda chances are you are drinking less of the healthy drinks your body needs, such as water and tea. It is ok to drink a can here and there but if your drinking five or six of these a day, you may be doing damage to your body.

Frozen coctails

Memorial_Day_margaritasWhen it comes to happy hour calorie traps, the mixers are the real culprits. According to the USDA, a 16-ounce pina colada can contain a whopping 880 calories, more than eight times the amount in a shot of rum.

Sports drinks

powerade-415710_1280Avoid ending your workout with these drinks as they may set your goals back. Many of them contain a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, an a long list of unpronounceable additives.

Hard booze

WodkaflaschenAlcohol in moderation (one or two drinks a day) has been shown to have a positive effect on raising HDL (good) cholesterol and boosting bloodflow, as well as improving sugar metabolism. No matter how tempting that third drink can be it is better to avoid it because it starts increasing your risk for obesity and slew of other health problems. American Cancer Society 2011 study found that the risk of cancer death was 36 percent higher among people who drank heavily (three or more drinks each day) than those who drank in moderation or not at all.

Store Bought Lemonade

SimplyLemonade-ChrisMetcalfMost store-bought versions contain the same sweeteners used in soda, combined with preservatives and artificial color. At 100 calories per cup, and with the equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar combined with zero nutrients, and you’re essentially drinking liquid candy. Definitely not refreshing.

Soft drinks

Soft_drink_shelfThey’re filled with sugar and provide empty calories without satisfying your hunger. Soft drinks are the only food that has been directly linked to causing obesity. Consider removing them completely from your diet, you will be doing your body and waist line a huge favor.

Energy drinks

11465869734_0114a8690c_hMost people know that energy drinks are filled with caffeine, and associate them with energy boost. The problem is that they are packed with too much caffeine and also sugar. When you need an energy boost it’s better to try healthier alternatives such as drinking tea or snacking a handful of walnuts.