9 Detox Drinks For Weight Loss You Can Make at Home

9 Detox Drinks For Weight Loss You Can Make at Home

detoxdrinksIt can be difficult to lose weight and it is more often than not a long process. Some people go to the gym, some starve themselves and some practice strict diet regiments, often to no avail.
Losing weight is a process that requires the right balance of exercise, healthy diet, a strong will and, a lot of determination.
But there are times when you need to clean your body from toxins, free radicals and substances in order to make it burn fat faster and to speed up your metabolism. This process is referred as detoxification and in a way represents the cleansing of your body.
Detoxification will help you remove toxins brought by processed and inorganic food. Free of toxins your body will be able to lose weight and burn fat more efficiently in a safe and natural way.
Before switching to a detox diet, be sure that you are healthy and that your body can handle it. Otherwise, your efforts may be wasted. You can easily make a lot of detox drinks for weight loss in the comfort of your home. What more can you ask for? They’re cheap and 100% natural.


Here is a list of nine drinks you can try:


1. Tea

cup-2176_640Many people drink tea on a daily basis. It is a natural detoxifying agent that helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

However not all types of tea are effective for weight loss. Only few such as dandelion tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea and green tea are especially effective if you want to lose weight. For best results drink three to five cups a day.


2. Salt Water Cleanse

water-19848_640Before starting detox process it is recommended to cleanse your digestive tract using salt water cleanse. This way you will prepare your body for detoxification.
Infuse 1 quart of lukewarm water with 1 to 2 tablespoons of sea salt. Stir until it dissolves, drink and relax. We advise you to do this at home where you can go to the comfort room anytime as it can be quickly dispelled from the body.


3. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has the ability to boost your body’s metabolism. Good functioning metabolism is of vital importance because the fats will be burned and converted into energy instead of being stored by the body in the form of extra weight.

Cranberry juice is not only effective in weight loss but it can also help you clean the body from alcohol and nicotine in just four days. For optimal results we, it is recommended drinking 32 ounces of 100% natural cranberry juice every day.


4. Lemonade Cleanse

lemon-squeezer-609273_640It is definitely one of the most popular detox drinks for weight loss. This type of detox agent has been used by celebrities and proven to be very effective and as a bonus it is useful for improving skin complexion.

Mix lemon juice, a dash of cayenne pepper and maple syrup with water and sip all day for rapid weight loss.


5. Cucumber and Lemon

The effects of this drink are well known and had been tested and proven by experts.

Blend 1 cucumber sliced into pieces with half a lemon juice. It is recommended drinking this concoction two times a day to boost your metabolism.


6. Red and Green Festive Cocktail

Any time you mix kale with pomegranate you are doing a huge service to your body and your well-being.
The antioxidants in the pomegranate will help battle free radicals, and the kale provides fiber, protein, and phytochemicals. Additional antioxidants are found in cranberries, with a pear added for sweetness.


7. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage Juice is very good for cleaning the liver. Clean and good functioning liver is essential for healthy toxin free body and weight loss.

Preparing this drink is very simple, just blend cabbage with some pears and carrots.


8. Cabbage Broth

Try mixing the cabbage with other vegetables such as onions and carrots. The more vegetables, the better.

This broth is very beneficial for the body as it holds more useful nutrients.


9. Aloe Water

aloe-510113_640You have heard of (or experienced for yourself) the wonderful benefits of aloe. Did you know that you can add it to your water? When you take aloe internally, it can help with circulation and digestion and increase your energy and eliminate fatigue.

Making aloe infused detox water is easy. You need to split the leaf down the center and remove the gel. Mix the gel with some water and lemon in the blender and process for about a minute. You will need about a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and about 2 tablespoons of aloe gel.