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Foods & Recipes
  Going on a pure liquid diet is certainly not recommended. Most juices lack fiber and protein which are essential if you...
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Weight Loss Tips
    When we take a closer look at ‘super foods’, a food group that can help us lose weight in a healthy...
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flat belly
Weight Loss Tips
    1. Drink a glass of water before eating.   2. Eat five small meals a day.   3. Eat slowly....
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Skin Care
  Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that occurs when skin cells quickly accumulate on the surface of the skin. This accumul...
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Foods & Recipes
Most certainly one of the most important minerals for our body is magnesium. The numerous health benefits it offers are often unde...
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Lose Baby Weight
Weight Loss Tips
    When you’re pregnant, it is easy to let go, start eating everything you want (you are eating for two after...
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slim thighs
Skin Care
  Many women are obsessed with having slimmer thighs and an inner thigh gap. Having a thigh gap isn’t really an accurate...
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Foods & Recipes
  We all know that to lose weight we should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but there are other supplements...
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Foods & Recipes
  There are plenty of refreshing summer drinks that you can drink without worrying whether or not you’ll gain weight, quite t...
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Weight Loss Tips
  Belly fat carries many risks, it is the most dangerous type of fat on our body. An expanding waistline is sometimes...
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