Drink This Juice to Lose Weight and Cleanse the Colon in 7 days

Drink This Juice to Lose Weight and Cleanse the Colon in 7 days

We all know that to lose weight we should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but there are other supplements that combined with exercise and diet can help you eliminate those extra pounds and maintain your ideal weight.

On this occasion we are speaking about a juice that will help you lose weight, which as its name implies, besides helping to eliminate those extra pounds healthily, also helps cleansing our colon and eliminating fluid retention.

This juice will help you lose weight and cleanse your colon in 7 days, and it should take only 7 consecutive days, as indicated in the title. You should drink the juice twice a day, without skipping any meals, including healthy foods and also drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

Recipe for weight loss colon cleansing juice

You will need the following ingredients to prepare two glasses of juice, which is what you take during the day:

-A slice of pineapple

-1 medium cucumber (which is used for salads)

-1 apple (red or green)

-1/2 Aloe Vera Leaf

-The juice of one orange

Preparation of juice:

Cut the pineapple slice in squared pieces.

Wash the cucumber and slice it in small pieces with skin and all.

Wash the apple and also cut it in squared pieces without removing the skin.

Take the leaf of aloe and divide it into two so that only half is used in the preparation of two glasses of juice for the day, remove all gel and add it to the blender.

Add a glass of water in a blender and add the ingredients slowly to liquefy well.

End by adding orange juice.

I hope you liked the recipe for this juice that will help you lose weight and cleanse the colon in just 7 days. Always remember eating a healthy diet, do some physical activity at least three times a week and drink plenty of water throughout the day.