Ultra Cheap Acne-Clearing Scrub – Only 2 Ingredients Needed

Ultra Cheap Acne-Clearing Scrub – Only 2 Ingredients Needed

With the summer approaching many women with less than perfect skin are preparing to employ some acne-clearing power. Even after our teenage years it is still possible to get the occasional breakout of acne, and on some of the strangest places too, our back, chest and shoulders.

Even though this is completely natural, some people tend to get a little crazy when they see acne popping up on their skin. Hot weather can also contribute by making your skin more prone to irritation. But to scrub that acne away you don’t always need to turn to expensive, chemical heavy, store bought products.

There are many natural remedies you can try, but here we will focus our attention on a very effective, completely natural way of riding yourself of that horrible acne that is preventing you to wear your favorite open back shirt or a dress.

In fact you will only need two ingredients, which most likely you already have at home. You’ll need a box of baking soda and some cool filtered water. That’s right — that’s all you need. Crazy stuff, right? Baking soda is an antiseptic and fights off bacteria and oil, which are two big factors contributing to acne.

The texture of this scrub will also have a skin-smoothing impact, removing dead cells and leaving your skin soft and fresh. No matter where you live backing soda is super cheap, it is recommended getting aluminum free soda, but is you can’t find it, regular one is fine too.

Mix half a cup of baking soda with just one sixth of a cup of water. Mix it well until you have a scrub texture. Apply to acne-prone areas of your body, massaging softly. Leave this on for at least 5 minutes, and no more than 15. Rinse well.

With this scrub being so cheap you can use it every other day throughout whole summer and watch your skin quality improve. The act of brushing away dead cells, clearing bacteria and oil, and revealing fresh new skin will slowly but surely improve your skin’s quality. This is not an over-night solution but if you remain patient, the result can really be amazing.


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